Magic Phone: Redial is up on

July 10, 2009


Magic Phone was the student film I worked on all of senior year at Evergreen. Along with P. Nathan Smith and Curtis Retherford, I produced 2 half hour “episodes” of this fake sitcom about a dorm room with a magic phone that could call anyone throughout time.

Now, because of some strange acquisition of a film festival company by the Internet Movie Database, Magic Phone: Redial is now on IMDB, complete with pages for all of the actors and crew. Best of all, the entire episode is there to watch, right from the page.

Now I know what you’re thinking: that Magic Phone IMDB page looks kind of boring. Well, it turns out it costs $$$ to put up your film’s poster or production stills. So if anyone wants to donate $35 so that Magic Phone has a poster on their page, that’s up to you. Otherwise, please enjoy the show, and leave your comments in these here comments.